Month: July 2012

A Primary worth voting in RI House 8 and Senate 5

So in the House of Representatives we have not one but THREE people running for the seat now occupied by Rep. Michael Tarro. The other two contestants are former city councilor and acting mayor John Lombardi, and Libby Kimzey.

Now there’s even competition on the Senate side. We have the incumbent Paul V. Jabour facing challenger Maura Kelly.

Now here’s the interesting part – I looked up Maura Kelly in the Central Voter Registration Database and don’t show her as registered in Providence. More of a concern is that Friends of Maura Kelly does not exist as a registered corporation in the State of Rhode Island.

I’ve got her little door piece in my hand and I see she was an associate at Point Judith Capital. Sorry – I don’t want an associate from a venture capital firm as my state Senator.

Funny Facebook Commenting

This time on my part:

A friend had posted how she hates the saying “live, laugh, love”. I commented with the following:

“I much prefer the old Latin: Vini, Vidi, Vici” – I came, I saw, I conquered.