Jennifer Roback Morse doesn’t like being called on her horse shit

Go read the original and then come back for my comments.

Roback-Morse doesn’t like the LGBT community at all. Evidence as follows:

She has also described homosexuality as an “intrinsically disordered behavior” that people “suffer” and “struggle” with.

Well peaches, let me put it to you this way. My sexual behavior is not disordered in any way – to paraphrase John Corvino, the parts do in fact fit.

And the only suffering is having to endure the idiocy spewing from Roback-Morse herself, not suffering because of who I love. And the only struggle is making sure anti-gay bigots like yourself get put in their place and shown for what they really are – bigots whose sole reasons is emotivism. I’ve written about it before – in essence it’s disgust propagated as bigotry.

I suppose if she looked around she’d find gay couples that have been together for one, five, ten, twenty, forty and on. That in the vast majority of the U.S. we cannot marry is criminal. And by her actions Roback-Morse is complicit.

So yes, lets all call Roback-Morse on her horse shit.

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