Romey’s M^3 Problem

M^3 expands to Mormonism, Money, and Massachusetts.

His Mormon faith is a liability for several reasons. The first of which is that evangelical Christians don’t trust Mormons at all. In fact many will probably sit the election out just because they know Mormon theology is a false religion. The other liability is the Mormon faith itself. It’s bat-shit crazy.

The money thing is something else entirely. Romney or Rmoney as we shall call him from here on in is a rich man who is out of touch with the remaining middle class who are smart enough to know that if Rmoney gets the Presidency there isn’t going to be a middle class anymore.

I mean – Rmoney is a guy who spends $70,000 on his horse for what is called a horse prom. That’s a one shot expenditure – when the average wage in the U.S. hovers under $50,000 a year. Anyone who has the money to put up that much to send a horse to what is essentially a prom does not deserve the office.

And then there is Massachusetts, otherwise known as the blueprint for the Affordable Care Act also known by the Tea Bagger complement as Obamacare. Yep – the individual mandate was in Massachusetts first – something that happened under Rmoney’s tenure as Governor of Massachusetts.

He’s got some serious electoral problems. And think about it, we’re now exactly three months out give or take. I doubt he’ll get any mojo from this point on as the Obama campaign is just hammering him as an out of touch elitist. And that is precisely what Rmoney is, an elitist.

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