Funny Facebook posts and comments

So I saw in my facebook news feed a page from a science text that disturbed the hell out of me. It’s the height of intellectual laziness to be honest.

Here’s the image:

There are more here with a detailed anaylysis.

Anyhow I posted two comments on the facebook page containing the electricity page, the first was that we can in fact SEE, HEAR and touch electricity. We can see it with an instrument called a multimeter, or if you want to observe the waveform of AC current – an oscilloscope. We can hear it in AC line appliances as a hum of 60Hz give or take a few cycles. And we can feel it, or have the authors never felt a zap from static electricity?

Another comment I posted is how you can make a simple generator with a neodimium magnet and some copper magnet wire.

For that I got called a Demon. And I wear that badge with honor! Because if having some idea how the world works is demonic, I’m all for it!

But the images from the Science 4 for Christian Schools concerns the hell out of me. How can they even offer this text and how does it pass muster?

We need to remind the Christians that their world view is not the only world view.

I leave you with my favorite scene from “There Will Be Blood”:

I sort of favor this end for all the Christian fundies out there.

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