Mars Curiosity Lander coming soon

I’m anxiously awaiting the successful touch down of NASA’s latest rover, Curiosity, on the surface of Mars.

It’s going to happen in about four hours. I’ve already got the links for NASA TV’s coverage and I’m just going to stay awake for this.

It’s always interesting to see whether it’s a $2.6 Billion mistake, or success. I suspect it will be the later.

NASA has gotten REALLY good at shooting rovers onto Mars – Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity and now Curiosity.

And yes – I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again. We’ve shot an awful lot of hardware onto Mars. And Curiosity is special – she’s nuclear. Which means the dust problems that plagues Spirit and Opportunity won’t affect Curiosity. Interestingly enough though, Opportunity is still alive and kicking on Mars so many YEARS later.

The stuff coming out of NASA’s JPL is amazingly engineered.

But the reason we’re doing all this, it’s preparation for a manned mission to Mars. We did the exact same thing with the Moon.

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