Interesting SMS messages

So the other night I get this sms message stating:

“Hey can you please not tell anyone about my episode last night worm just mentioned it and I don’t really want people knowing I are pill and while out ya know”

To which I responded:

“Who is this?”

and got:

“it’s ur roommate lol”

Somebody had misdialed a text, they got really offended when I told them they were using a MetroPCS phone. Oh well.

Then today I get my first spam SMS:

“Congratulation, your entry in last months drawing won you a FREE $1,000 Target Giftcard. Enter ‘401’ at {redacted} to tell us where to ship it.”

So I did what any self respecting I.T. nerd would do – the link actually ended with – actually it was See what I’m getting at?

I looked up and this is what I got:

Registrant ID: INTERGZ6RFEV79K1
Registrant Name: Rosetta Morox
Registrant Address1: 1700 Eden Drive Dawn
Registrant City: VA
Registrant Postal Code: 23069
Registrant Country: United States
Registrant Country Code: US
Registrant Phone Number: +1.8049948116
Registrant Email:

Fishy fishy! I call the 804-994-8116 number and it’s nothing but a voicemail box. I could do a little fishing around but it’s not worth it.

I did add the phone number used for the text to my blacklist. If you want to do the same the number is 410-340-2188. Has a voice mail box not yet set up.

I see that the domain has been suspended. Good!

3 thoughts on “Interesting SMS messages

  1. Thank you for your post. I just googled the (same) link that I got in a text message and found your post, saving me lots of hassle!

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