TMI Thursday – a day later

Attributions: Patently Queer who got it from Just a Jeep Guy

And yes, I’m doing this on a Friday. Look – yesterday was a busy day for me.


Worst experience you ever had in a car? (not including accidents)

Getting t-boned on Mineral Spring Avenue, in North Providence, RI. Eleven stitches in my head from that one. Ok so excluding that accident – the speeding ticket I got in Florida. I have a lead foot.

Driver or navigator?

Being that I’m the only one in the house who has an operators license I do most of the driving. And when I’m not familiar little Miss Navigator aka GPS comes to the rescue.

Planes, trains or automobiles?

Trains – there’s just something about being able to kick back, read, listen to music without the racket of a jet engine. And while the diesel-electric hybrid trains can be a little noisy, they’re going to eventually be replaced with pure overhead catenary electric drive. Amtrak already uses it so I would imagine that MBCR/MBTA will eventually ditch the diesel-electrics and just use the electric locomotives. They do run on the same track as the Amtrak service so it’s not like they have to construct the lines, they just have to hammer out an agreement on payment for the electricity used.

Automobiles come second – until such time use pure electric vehicles are under $40K and get 500+ mile ranges with really fast recharge times.

Best road trip?

Actually it was after the road trip in 2007. We were on US 17 between Elizabeth City, NC and Edenton, NC. I noted darkness in all the mirrors on the car so I pulled over. When I looked up I saw the deepest field of stars I’d ever seen. Being a city boy you don’t see many stars in the sky so this was special for me. And of course I had left the camera back in Edenton. Never seen it quite as clear and beautiful since. I mean seriously – now we know planets orbit those distant stars. And depending on mass, distance, etc. it means life very probably exists on other planets. We just don’t yet now what level of life exists.

What’s the farthest you’ve gone in a car? Sex, not distance.

Blowjobs are about all you can do in a car. It isn’t really conducive to other activities. And the car CANNOT be moving. If you want me to run into stuff, just try it when I’m driving. As far as distance, about 1,500 miles in a single stretch.

Bonus Question

What kind of car do you drive? What kind do you dream of?

Don’t own a car. But I do use Zipcar for day trips, Enterprise for longer trips. So I get to drive a wide variety of vehicles like Honda, Toyotoa, Nissan, Ford, Audi, etc. I note Zipcar is now offering luxury models for a slightly higher per hour rate. Sweet!

Now when it comes to dream cars – A Lamborghin Countach, circa late 80’s would be very nice.

What can I say, I have a soft spot for Italian design – sleek, low to the ground. Not for potholed cities but highways straight, and smooth as glass.

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