Car Manufacturing then and now

So one of my recommendations on YouTube was to watch them build a Chevrolet in 1936.

Notice something? Yes, it’s in black and white. But also notice the sheer number of men it took to build a car in 1936. But when they’re putting the chassis together I note the use welding rigs that look robotic.

So it’s inevitable in modern times we’d see more robotics being used. Here’s an engine shop in recent years. It’s all cad/cam driven. They just take a block of metal and machine it out.

Notice the number of people required though. The number is drastically reduced. And it’s only going to reduce even further because some of the tasks still being done by humans will be done by robots.

The manufacturers love robots. First of all they do the job the same way every time, they don’t get tired or take breaks, they just keep pumping out product. Sure they take some electricity to run, but electricity is far cheaper than human labor.

And here’s a treat, from Ford in 1919 – the manufacture of the Model T:

It is amazing how far automotive manufacturing has come. And with the advent of robotics one more result has come about. The quality of cars has seriously improved. Used to be by 150,000 miles most cars would need total rebuilds. Now cars easily go 200,000, 300,000 miles without major rebuild.

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