Romney/Ryan – A New Compulsion

Over on facebook the general consensus among my friends is that Romney/Ryan is a disaster in the making.

But something bothers me. I think they keep spelling Romney’s name wrong, the correct and more relevant way of spelling it is Rmoney with an emphasis on the M.

With that in mind I’ve taken to modifying the anti Romney images to reflect the reality. It all started when I got a message from Ann Romney about their bumper sticker. I snarfed the image and did this:

Rmoney/Ryan 2012
I just couldn’t help myself, just switch two letters and we’re closer to the truth!

And then there was an image featuring Romoney as Romney Hood and I ‘corrected’ that one too:

And finally one about Romney’s off-shore money:

It’s easy to do in PhotoShop 7. And probably easier in newer versions. Just clip the O out and put it in a new document, then shift the M over and then drag the O back in. You may have to erase borders, and re-fill background colors but that’s easy too.

And I post them on Facebook with the statement “Share at will!”

And people are sharing them. I love it.

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