The Obama hatred

I cannot understand the people who will CONTINUALLY attack President Obama. I had posted this on facebook:

Rmoney Refund

And here’s the comment thing:

Now you have to understand, Carol is my aunt on my fathers side.

But if there is one thing I cannot tolerate – never make a statement without solid evidence to back it up. I don’t tolerate “Because I said so!” gladly. I’m one for calling people out, throwing down the gauntlet, you know if you read this blog I’m not a shrinking violet. I don’t care who you are, be you poet, priest or politician or even relative. When you make ridiculous statements, I’m going to call you out on it.

My reply got truncated but my last bon mot to my Aunt was this:

And not for anything Carol, you don’t get to be EDITOR of the Harvard Law Review if you’re a bad student. It’s becoming painfully obvious that you have something against President Obama because he’s black. I’ve called on your veiled racism before. Yet you will continue to insist that isn’t the case. From where I see it, you’re getting pretty full of it.

The other thing my aunt refuses to acknowledge is that we are in fact running out of oil. When you have to start drilling on a horizontal plane to extract oil from shale, it’s getting scarce. That’s why I support solar, wind, tidal, you name it. And why I want to change the United States and the world for the better, by developing energy storage systems, my primary target being motor vehicles.

But my aunt, she seems to think she knows it all. She won’t admit that she’s watching Fox News. But based on her posts on facebook, I’m pretty sure she does.

Maybe it’s something in the water in Florida.

6 thoughts on “The Obama hatred

  1. Have you seen the Crossroadsgenration web page designed (but carefully disguised) to deceive young voters into thinking that the Republicans offer a better economic future for America and its struggling young people? Much outright deception on Obama.

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