Mail Call – something from Focus on the Family

So I usually just discard bulk mailings but this one caught my eye, not because of who it was from of course. I have a firm policy of know thy enemy. No, the name it was addressed to caused me a laugh.

FoF Verbiage

Note it is addressed to Robert F. Burns. Shortened that is R.F. Burns or Radio Frequency Burns. It’s a little nom de fakery I like to use with groups like FoF, NOM, etc.

The little missive points you to Commit 2 Vote 2012. Now here’s the the interesting part, if I register to vote as Robert F. Burns with a fictitious DOB etc. Then create a false health club ID card and get a RI Voter ID in that name, I can vote both as myself and as Robert F. Burns. Interesting. Kind of points out the ridiculous nature of RI’s Voter ID law.

But on the web page I see this:

As Christ’s representatives on earth, Christians have a mandate to be the “salt and light” in our culture (Matthew 5:13-16). Since this is a presidential election year, we have the opportunity to positively impact the direction of our country, the men and women who lead it, and the policies they enact.

Recall salt is also deadly to vegetation. And light, well depending on the wavelength of said light can either be helpful or hurtful.

See – back in the time that Matthew was written they had very little clue that light exists on a spectrum that includes visible, UV, Infrared, X-ray, all the way up through gamma radiation.

The front of the piece is interesting too. I have to wonder how much they spent on this mailing.

Back of Mailer

It makes it seem all authoritarian. Look at the colors used. The blue for trust.

But we all know what FoF is all about.

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