Coroner rules Chavis Carter death a suicide

Ok, I’m just a little bit angry about this one because I smell a rather large and rotting rat.

I wonder, how the hell did the coroner not delve further into this case? You see, other information that has emerged has indicated that something isn’t right.

First of all it was a traffic stop. How often do you get detained like that for a traffic stop?

Anyhow the facts – Carter was left handed. Another fact is that police had allegedly searched him not just once, but TWICE. Yet they didn’t find something so big as a gun on him.

Police cars isolate the back from the front. That’s a standard feature of police vehicles for nearly fifty years now. So it’s not likely Carter would have retrieved a gun from the front.

Even if he did I want you to do a little experiment. They say Carter shot himself in the right temporal area.

Place your hands behind your back and interlock them. Now try to raise your hands to the point where you can pretend to point a gun at your right side. Good luck!

So this indicates to me that someone on the Jonesboro, Arkansaw police force is telling a really big lie.

That the coroner went along with it boggles the mind.

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