Brian Brown and Dan Savage Debate

This is interesting!

Now my comments:

First of all I have to say Brian Brown is still using the same old arguments. But it’s more interesting than that he also tries to deflect several times.

For example, the references to slavery in the Bible. Or about polygamy, or on the prohibitions in Leviticus, Deuteronomy; Brown isn’t a Bible scholar that’s for damned sure.

And then there is Brown’s reference to Catholic Charities in Boston, and the Ocean Grove Pavillion case.

First of all the Catholic Charities elected to stop offering adoption services once MA had approved marriage equality. They weren’t forced to do so, they could have fought it, but they chose to take the path of least resistance.

And as to the Ocean Grove Pavillion – Dan Savage is correct – they actually got the RIGHT tax exemption for the property by discriminating against that lesbian couple.

And about 2/3’s through the video you see Brian Brown start foaming at the mouth. It’s quite interesting. I personally think he’s a rabid bigot.

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