A nice Sunday

We stayed with friends this weekend and today I replaced a closet light fixture for them.

After that we had a late lunch at Nautika in East Greenwich, RI. It’s funny , the night before we were at another restaurant and heard it referred to as Green-Witch. It’s more Gren-ich.

The food at Nautika was pretty good – I had a veal sausage and pepper sandwich with balsamic onions. Not bad!

However I must say the live music was, well, interesting. It included a steel drum and one tune was seriously confused between Brazilian Jazz and Caribbean.

After that we headed to the Newport Cliff Walk. Interesting enough and we passed this neat Asian Pagoda. Now my friend Nick and I thought that Keyron and Beth were ahead of us. actually they’d ducked off to the side so Nick and I got out into the more rugged parts of the trail. Fascinating stuff. It’s interesting, RI is full of not just red clay but rocks, lots of rocks.

We were discussing re-adding a bulkhead to Nick and Beth’s place. I asked if it ever had one and indeed it had. I suggested we re-plant it in the same spot as clearing the fill and soil would be easier since the spot probably already had the boulders taken out of it. Plus if we get a little backhoe we can dig it out in no time, then lay the forms in, fill with concrete and rebar, and voila, a bulkhead again so they can get a new dryer into the basement. Yeah, the people who owned the place before them did some upgrading and eliminated the easy way to get bulky items into the basement.

Just got home not too long ago – so nice to be in my comfy recliner!

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