More thoughts on lgbt rights

As you well know, I am reading the book “The Lavender Scare”.

Reading it gives me a glimpse into the foundation of the rights we take for granted today.

But one point shines through: most,of the rights we have came down from the judiciary.

Legislators in the U.S.and even the states are for the most part cowards and will rarely move to secure rights for any group.

In states where initiative is available, legislators have for the most part chosen referendum. They choose it to avoid the stain of bring sympathetic to the LGBT cause.

Instead ever major rights gains have been through the judiciary.

Courts insist on this little thing called scrutiny, and scrutiny demands verifiable fact.

And religious bigotry has no facts.

So it will be the courts that grant final relief in our struggle.

One thought on “More thoughts on lgbt rights

  1. Yeah, the judiciary has been very important in terms of securing our rights. I’d like to see the day when the legislature doesn’t reflect the baser instincts of our species.

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