Maddow: Tea Party group will use whites to question black voters | The Raw Story

Maddow: Tea Party group will use whites to question black voters | The Raw Story.

Ok, I’ve always been aware that there was a subtle undercurrent of racism in the United States. But this just takes the cake! It’s moved from being subtle to screaming so loudly that it is now blatant.

I have to wonder – the district I live in is abotu 60% minority. I wonder if they’ll be pulling that shit even here in RI? If they are I will be the one asking exactly what they are doing in the poll on election day.

I’ve long understood that the core motivation of the Tea Baggers (Don’t get your underwear in a bunch, they called themselves that at the beginning and so I am just honoring their founding by using the name they called themselves!), anyhow the core motivation is racism, plain and simple.

That the TrueTheVote pukes get their sponsorship from the Tea Baggers is no surprise. And we have to continue to ask where the Tea Baggers get their money. It’s corporate interests. That corporations are supporting racism is no surprise either.

What is the Federal Government going to do to make sure these practices are discouraged? Sending observers is one thing, but perhaps troops with weapons may be needed too.

And with regard to Voter ID – it has the EXPRESS purpose of vote suppression. In fact here in RI our Voter ID law actually opens avenues of fraud that our ‘genius’ legislators never thought about. Anyone with an ounce of technical savvy can now commit election fraud.

And thinking back on this, when President Obama was elected I had said that it would drive the racists out of the woodwork. Sure enough – they think just because a black man is President they can say and do such horribly racists things. I hate it when I’m right with things like that. It means I understand the population of the U.S. a bit better than the next guy.

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