My High School and the lost generation

So I am a 1982 graduate of LaSalle Academy here in Providence, RI. It’s a hell of a school. I think my first brush at college failed because they were just repeating what I’d learned at LaSalle.

They used to bill themselves as a college prep school and there’s no doubt they are.

So I recently updated my alum info. If you look at the school alum you have a number of politicians, attorneys, doctors, and business leaders as well as ball players.

So as a result of updating my info, I now get their newsletter. And I noticed something very odd, well a few things.

First is the Class of 2012 – it reminds me I graduated 30 years ago.

But in one section of their newspaper/letter I noted all these notes on alumni. You get a solid block from the 1940’s up to the 1970’s. Then nothing in the 1980’s. It picks up again in 1993.

I cannot believe none of us reported any events to the school. I think we’re the lost generation of LaSalle. We’re the generation that got left holding the bag is one part of the explanation. You have to remember, the 80’s were an interesting time. It was the time when the United States experienced a dramatic shift, one in which the shame of having money disappeared and greed was considered good. Maybe that’s it.

And I’ll be honest, never went to any reunions. Maybe I’ll attend my 40th. Who knows.

You have to remember, when I was at LaSalle it wasn’t co-ed.

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