A political event that I attended this evening

It was sponsored by WBNA (West Broadway Neighborhood Association) and had the three candidates for RI Representative District 8, incumbent Michael Tarro and challengers John J. Lombardi and Libby Kimzey, and then the two candidates for RI Senate district 5, incumbent Paul V. Jabour and challenger Maura Kelly.

This year is unique. I’ve NEVER seen a year where we had more than one person on the primary ticket for either of the two offices above. But 2012 is turning out to be a banner year all around where the primary will actually decide who our next state rep and senator will be.

The primary election is on September 11th this year.

There were a variety of questions touching on battles with National Grid, with crime in the districts, education, transportation, etc. That was the first half of the Q&A. During the second half they distilled submitted questions and one of them was the question of marriage equality.

I’ll spill the beans – those who showed unequivocal support for marriage euqality were Libby Kimzey and Maura Kelly.

But I did get all of the answers regarding marriage equality on video:

I’ll start with John J. Lombardi:

Incumbent Representative Michael Tarro – who gives us a bit more nuanced take on it this time. If you recall, Tarro is the one who said he’d do all the paperwork to approximate marriage for LGBT couples but he wouldn’t vote for marriage equality? Yes, same Michael Tarro:

And interestingly – doesn’t Tarro’s statement on it sound just like Lombardi? So why would I want to vote for the same in Lombardi?

And lastly we have Libby Kimzey, Maura Kelly and Sen. Paul V. Jabour. Jabour actually acknowledges me in his video but then has the audacity to say he only supports civil unions. Interesting.

If I were to base my choices solely on marriage equality – it’s interesting that both women, Maura Kelly and Libby Kimzey unequivocally support marriage equality. And it occurs to me, in 5/8 it’s been a boys club for as long as I can remember. Maybe it’s time to shake things up and let the women take the reigns.

A couple of interesting facts about candidates include:

– Libby Kimzey is a public transit rider, and rents.
– Paul V. Jabour funds his own political campaigns with his own money. I found that very interesting.

Now on Jabour – I know he’s gotten signed postcards from his constituents in the past. Perhaps I need to start another campaign to get people to lean on him to change his mind. I’ll have to generate the list from the CVRS for the 5th and 8th and then see if I can get email addresses matched and send out a mass email for people to contact Jabour.

4 thoughts on “A political event that I attended this evening

    1. Well, I only covered the Marriage Equality questions. That was the only reason I was there because I wanted to get John J. Lombardi on record, and I got the added bonus of getting Paul V. Jabour on record too – and I’m going to make his life VERY unpleasant. The gauntlet has been thrown to the ground Paul – get ready.

    2. I look at it this way – we all have video cameras in our phones now. So why the heck not use them? Local races like this need to be covered too, especially for LGBT causes.

  1. The primaries in Arizona were last week. Voter turn out was weak, even for a primary but I can’t say I am surprised. We have closed primaries here. Of the 5 recongnized parties, three had no contested races at all. The Dems had contests in two races. Unfortunately neither has a snowball’s chance in Phoenix of defeating the incumbent Republican. There were quite a few contested races on the Republican ballot; all fighting to prove they are the most right-wing.

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