Tell me they aren’t Fox News viewers, just tell me.

So my aunt posted the following on Facebook:

“I just got an email on how everyday the Muslims in NY City are allowed to pray in the streets because the mosques are so full. Isn’t it sad that we can display any of our beliefs on private property.? Looks like America is looking more and more like Europe and it actually showed them in the streets.”

Here’s the comment thread.

Tony Pelliccio Funny – at least once or twice a year I spend time in NYC and I never see them praying in the streets.
28 minutes ago
Mike Carbone Only Christians can”t pray in public. we have a muslim pres, this is what he wants
28 minutes ago
Tony Pelliccio In my opinion, NOBODY should be allowed to pray and/or preach in public.
20 minutes ago
Carol Puopolo thats your opinion . Tell that to 86 % who want it.
19 minutes ago
Tony Pelliccio Ok, once again I’ll ask for citation of that statistic. 80 something percent seems to be a favorite number to throw out when there’s no real data behind it.
14 minutes ago
Carol Puopolo please Tony! Get real! You only feel that way because of the situation
14 minutes ago
Tony Pelliccio Look if you have to throw out red herring, at least cite where you got it from. Otherwise I’m left to assume that you made it up.
13 minutes ago
Carol Puopolo o.k. sorry I don’t have facts right now but its been stated many times where i have read it. No one tells you what to b elieve do they?
12 minutes ago
Carol Puopolo Look it up!
11 minutes ago
Tony Pelliccio No of course not, and I have a very strong sense for bullshit. But always be careful what you put out there if you can’t handily cite it. That’s at least one academic principle that I stand by.
11 minutes ago ·
Tony Pelliccio What exactly am I looking up? How many people want to pray in the streets?
10 minutes ago
Mike Carbone whoever wants to. It’s AMERICA man
10 minutes ago ·
Carol Puopolo not talking abvout people who are praying. Muslims is the subject here.
9 minutes ago · Like · 1
Carol Puopolo we are talking also about Catholics who want it 86% believe.and want to be allowed to pray.
9 minutes ago
Tony Pelliccio
Well Catholics have had their way for about 2,000 years to pretty much disastrous effect on society. So I did google the muslim thing and here’s what I found:…
See More
Muslims Gather Every Friday in the Streets of New York City to Pray-Fiction!
Muslims Gather Every Friday in the Streets of New York City to Pray-Fiction!
6 minutes ago
Mike Carbone The real question here is “Why are the muslims allowed to do this and No other Religion can?’ Because of a muslim pres, thats why. bottom line
5 minutes ago
Tony Pelliccio And as to Catholics – go look up the Tradition, Family and Property goons. They’re the ones that wear the red sashes with crosses on them. They’re Catholic too.
5 minutes ago
Carol Puopolo its not about the way, its about what they feel as to praying.Everyone else cries about what Catholics want to do . If they want it thats that.!
5 minutes ago
Mike Carbone Their religion wants all Americans dead…Morte…..dead Capeesch
4 minutes ago
Tony Pelliccio Ever been to a St. Patrick’s day parade? I give you the Catholic praying in the streets. Or how about the idolatry of carrying a statue of the Virgin down the street. I’ve seen that one here in Providence.
4 minutes ago
Carol Puopolo you know what, you were brought up Catholic if you don’t like it fine. Leave everyone else alone.
4 minutes ago ·
Carol Puopolo its not the same plealse! Its one freggin day of the year.
3 minutes ago ·
Mike Carbone Amen sista
3 minutes ago
Tony Pelliccio Mike Carbone – that is false. Granted, Islam is a fucked up religion but there are a whole lot more moderate Muslims than there are radical Muslims. Same as how there are right wing Christians in this country who have KILLED people. So if the scoreboard were to be drawn up, the Chrisitians were just as bat shit crazy as Muslims.
2 minutes ago
Tony Pelliccio Carol – I have the RIGHT to challenge religious dogma.
2 minutes ago
Mike Carbone An Italian that talks about catholics like that…S H A M E
2 minutes ago
Tony Pelliccio And the Muslim hoard in the streets of NY, that’s ONE DAY A YEAR too. See the links I posted.
about a minute ago
Mike Carbone no its not. the mosque is full everyday
about a minute ago
Mike Carbone no its not. the mosque is full everyday
29 minutes ago
Carol Puopolo
waht about kids who steal food and get their hands chopped off? What about people who gather in the square and watch head of me being cut offf and thrown to the ground for entertainment? What about girls who parents kill them because they s…See More
26 minutes ago
Mike Carbone manage a la mediga…manage
25 minutes ago
Carol Puopolo there are 200 mosques in NYC and they want more. Did you walk all the streeets of NY. ? I don’t think so!
24 minutes ago
Mike Carbone ‎200?
24 minutes ago
Carol Puopolo Challenge whatever you like. No one is stopping you. We do want we feel just like you.
23 minutes ago
Carol Puopolo ‎200 last i knew.
23 minutes ago
Mike Carbone manage a la mediga
22 minutes ago
Carol Puopolo besides there are more mosques than Catholic churches.
22 minutes ago
Tony Pelliccio There are 17,644 Catholic churches in the U.S. and 2,106 mosques. So in essence there 8.3 times as many Catholic churches as there are Muslim Mosques. And as to two hundred mosques in NYC, with a population of 8 million, and lets assume 100 people for each mosque, that would be 210,600 Muslims out of 8,000,000 people, or just 2% of the population. Catholics on the other hand are probably about 45% of NYC.
4 minutes ago
Tony Pelliccio And Mike Carbone – I may be Italian-American but 12 years of Catholic schools was a real eye opener for me. Especially the last 4 years.

I really have to stop. Using read data is lost on a lot of Italian-Americans.

3 thoughts on “Tell me they aren’t Fox News viewers, just tell me.

  1. The Pope is preparing to convert to Islam. Obama is trying to stop him, “I tried that, man, stick with Jesus.” If Romney wins, Mormons are planning a big parade in NYC on St. Joseph Day. I know all this is true because I read it on the internet.

  2. I don’t understand why you antagonize your family when you know they will not be swayed. But I agree: of all Christian sects you would think that American Catholics would be sympathetic to the horrors of religious prosecution. Maybe they don’t remember the slander used against JFK, but it’s not hard to look up.

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