Election Results for RI Senate 5, Representative 8

So it looks like Sen. Paul V. Jabour (RI-5)got a huge boost. With all precincts reporting he got 1,210 votes to Maura Kelly’s 813 votes. I’ll have to work on him about his stance on marriage equality.

In the house race, challenger John J. Lombardi took the lead with 741 votes, Libby Kimzey follows with 488 votes, and incumbent Rep. Michael Tarro (RI-8) got just 173 votes. I guess there is still a little bit of love left for Tarro, but none from me.

I did twitter that I’d be holding Lombardi’s feet to the fire. And I mean that. Because his non-answer on marriage equality needs to be firmed up and stated clearly.

In fact he said to me that when RI got it’s LGBT protections in 1996 one man, one Fitzgerald Himmelsbach pushed it. Interestingly enough I live in the place where Fitz once lived. And there’s a diminishing change I’ll be the one to hold Lombardi’s feet to the fire. But I’ll make sure there’s someone that will.

Another thing – this was fairly heavy turnout for primary. But even this was nothing.

In the Senate race only 17% of the people registered in the district actually voted.

With regard to the Representative race, 19% of those registered bothered to vote.

I wonder how different the results might have been if we did a get out the vote effort.

I remember as a kid, the polls used to be packed on election days. Now, not so much. People have become disconnected from the process.

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