I voted today

RI’s primary falls on the anniversary of that terrible event in NYC some 11 years ago.

Some observations about the election though.

Coming up to the polling place I noted a gaggle of people. In that gaggle my friend, Councilman Bryan Principe was present along with Libby Kimzey and volunteers for Tarro, Lombardi, etc. Shook Bryan’s hand, Libby’s hand and went in and vote.

You see, this primary is pretty important to me. It is the one that determines who my next state rep and state senator will be.

And I’ll tip it – I didn’t vote for incumbent Tarro, Lombardi, or incumbentJabour. I’ll let you figure out who I voted for, just read on. I looked at it is time to switch up a bit, let the women take a shot at it in a district dominated by male candidates over the years.

When it comes to Tarro – I think I’ve written enough on him to indicate we don’t agree on a lot of things, not just the marriage equality issue.

And Lombardi – after hearing his non-answer to the question of equality I just can’t honestly in good conscience vote for the guy.

Kimzey on the other hand – I like her. She doesn’t own property in the district, uses public transportation, and vociferously supports marriage equality.

Now on to the senate:

Paul V. Jabour has been a tad disappointing. He’s a decent guy but his co-sponsorship to close the indoor prostitution loophole was a little boneheaded. And if you watch the video of his answer on marriage equality, it makes it more difficult. I mean the one thing to like about Jabour is that he fund his own campaign out of his own pocket. But that doesn’t balance out on the other side.

Now Maura Kelly – she needs a bit more confidence but she seems to be tuned in. I think she’ll develop nicely in the senate.

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