When Christians and Muslims take offense to what is taught in public schools

This is ridiculous.

Apparently it’s taking place in Canada. But still, I want to remind them of one thing. If you don’t want your kids learning about homosexuality, the environment etc. then don’t send them to public schools and expect them to cater to your religious whims.

Instead send them to private schools, or Catholic schools, or even Muslim schools. Home school them. But keep them out of the public system if you’re so afraid they might learn something that challenges your religious beliefs.

One warning though – be careful on the Catholic schools. I’m the product of 12 years of Catholic schools. As such, they helped my hone my bullshit detector which ultimately lead to my rejecting organized religion, in fact any religion. This was much to the consternation of my father the God Botherer II. I call him that because my grandfather, we called him Saint Anthony.

And that finely tuned bovine effluent detector, I imagine my aunt isn’t liking it much either, as evidenced by my last post.

The thing is I know how to research things. I don’t have a B.Sc. in Information Science for nothing you know.

I imagine I’d be a nightmare for the likes of the parents in Canada. Someone who went through all that religious dogma and came out as an atheist. Because it is precisely what these parents who want to be notified fear, they fear their kids will learn too much and challenge religious belief.

Good, religious belief needs to be challenged. It’s all based on writings from well over a thousand years ago. And when the source texts suffer from both copy error and translation error, you’re really not getting the WHOLE story.

2 thoughts on “When Christians and Muslims take offense to what is taught in public schools

  1. I would rather have the children of fundamentalists in public schools than in echo chambers. Sometimes exposure to others strengthens bigotry, but sometimes it helps break bigotry down.

    1. In a way I agree with you. My schooling was pretty homogenous. But I learned that you respect difference, you embrace humanity.

      In my case the thing that really got lost was religion. Oops! See, they did this funny thing. They taught you critical thinking skills but then asked you not to apply them to the religion. But I mean, the religion just begs to have logic applied to it. And in the end, it is logically false.

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