The iPhone 5 fawning on facebook

Ok, I’ve already made a few comments on it. Friends are crowing about it’s fast, thinner, lighter.

So I made comments like “Unless there’s been an advance in battery technology that I missed I can’t see this having better battery life.” and “The battery life must be around 300 milliseconds.”

In the past I’ve dinged Apple’s iPhone because:

1) You cannot change out the battery.

2) Charging via that crappy dock connector

3) You cannot extend the memory

4) Apple blocks a lot of 3rd party apps that let you tether, sling, etc.

So if you want to fawn at the cult of Apple go for it. Just shut the fuck up about it already.


A Happy Android user.

4 thoughts on “The iPhone 5 fawning on facebook

  1. Hi. My name’s Dave and I am an iPhone user.

    I enjoyed your post. Having always worked in finance I am a dyed-in-the-wool PC user. Harper’s Other Dad is not really a computer guy but is from a family of people who are definitely drank the Apple kool-aid. Aside from both having iPhones; now 2 generations old; we are a house divided.

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