How to combat the anti-gay shit in the Catholic Church

So now we have the Pope himself saying we LGBT people aren’t fully human.

I commented on the Facebook post about it and said “If the Pope wants to talk sub-human, perhaps he should look in the mirror every now and then.”

But then an idea came to me. I know a lot of Catholics who support full equality for the LGBT community. So here’s the idea – if they are still practicing Catholics I.e. they still attend church I said they should purchase a small gay flag. Once they receive communion just lay the flag on the rail and walk away. If enough people did this the message would be sent LOUD and CLEAR to the church.

6 thoughts on “How to combat the anti-gay shit in the Catholic Church

  1. My brother – the only relative I know of who still goes to church regularly – makes a point of talking to the priest after Mass and letting him know that the priests’ rants on gay people and gay marriage are offensive. Especially the use of sarcasm and contempt. He also tells the priest about another person who has stopped going to church or stopped contributing because of the anti-gay stand.

    I suggested he put a check for a dollar in his envelope to the church with a note that it would be much more if the priest stopped ranting about gay issues. But he told me he no longer contributes even though he goes to church.

  2. Like your flag suggestion. Perhaps a gay flag pin would also work. On one side the gay flag, on the other the US flag. Let the priest look down at those flags as he rants away.

  3. Alas, this would not work; the outrage over profaning a religious ceremony would do more harm than not. What I see though is a drop in collection; now that is effective – money always rules.

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