Radio waves – they’re all around us

Have you ever stopped to think of the impact that men like Tesla and Marconi as well as the numerous scientists and engineers at places like Bell Labs have placed on our day to day lives?

Let’s start with the computer. It uses WiFi which tends to live in the 2.4GHz 12.5cm band.

Then there’s my cell phone whose 4G LTE connection is around 1.8GHz or the 16cm band.

There’s my amateur radio handheld – it operates on the 6m, 2m, 1.25m and 70cm bands but can received a whole lot in between.

There’s the Wii which also connects via WiFi.

Then there is the broadcast radio bands, FM spans 88MHz to 108MHz, AM band spans 550kHz to about 1,600Khz. In wave length the center frequencies of those bands would be 3.1m for FM, and AM which is around 280m.

Then there’s terrestrial television. That runs between 470MHz and 698MHz. Believe it or not digital TV is tighter in bandwidth than the old analog televisions.

Then there is all the FRS and GMRS radio, plus any military frequency allocations, aircraft and marine allocations.

There’s a whole lot of radio frequency energy floating around there.

And all of it is due to men like Tesla, Marconi and the plethora of scientists and engineers at the likes of Bell Labs in the 20th century, and now at companies like Intel and AMD today.

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