RI Division of Taxation must be a mess

So a while back I had gotten a notice that I owed $1,700 in tax to the state of Rhode Island. I figured fine, I’ll just let them yank a couple years returns of $700 to $800 and pay the remainder.

Now I filed my 2010 taxes and was owed close to $900. But get this they didn’t apply it against my owed tax. And they didn’t refund it either. Plus, one other tactic the state uses is to snatch your federal return. But I got a full federal return.

Based on this I begin to smell something extremely rotten. Because you see if even the IRS isn’t collecting back tax for RI now, it means RI’s system has some very serious problems.

Today I get a letter in the mail about RI’s Tax Amnesty and how I can pay $438 less and settle the matter.

I have some words for Division of Taxation. Two words to be precise, FUCK YOU. You don’t what you are doing.

My license is valid for four years – and as far as registrations go I don’t own a car. There is also a high probability that I will leave this crooked little state within that four years.

Perhaps I’ll just hire an attorney and sue the state. That would be fun.

But better yet – if I leave the state entirely. I’ll build my little real estate empire here and then I can live ANYWHERE I want. At the 24 unit mark I don’t have to work a full time job anymore. And we start moving into the lower levels of “fuck you” money at approximately twice that. And my goal – when this is all done at a minimum 100 units, maybe 150. I really want to build this.

2 thoughts on “RI Division of Taxation must be a mess

  1. You should take a serious look at leaving. I left the state some years back and I highly recommend it.

    It was a difficult choice, venturing out, far from home, family and friends, but Rhode Island was bleeding the life out of me, with fines and fees and surcharges and local corruption everywhere and red tape and idiots and/or crooks running most cities and towns and departments and income taxes and excise taxes and property taxes.

    Fck! Trying to make a living in RI and save money for the future was impossible. The state creates poverty, literally, it drags everyone down a rung or two on the economic ladder.

    There’s no Berlin Wall at the border. You’re free to leave. There are plenty of states out there with good-paying tech jobs, jobs that encourage advancement and growth, states that are business-friendly, job-friendly and income-friendly.

    Good luck to you, whatever you decide.

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