It’s TMI Thursday Again

Though I’m not really keeping up with the weekly sequence. Some of them don’t apply to me at all so I refuse to participate in those.

However occasionally there are questions where my frame of reference matches the question set and I can honestly answer without having to make it up:

1. What kind of smart phone do you have?

I have a Samsung SCH-R910 – it’s almost two years old and I still love my Android phone.

2. Necessity, accessory or my right arm?

Necessity. Music, books, video, all can be viewed on this phone. I barely use the voice functionality of it though. Either text me or email me.

3. Top three favorite apps?

TuneIn, Kindle, and HopStop.

4. How much do you use your smart phone for calling, texting and data (email, games, movies)?

Calling is virtually nil. Text a fair amount, email a fair amount. Don’t really play games on it though. Now data – for video, music, a lot. Also have a number of reference apps on there like ElectroDroid, Mixology and Epicurious. Oh and Blacklist – it allows me to block callers that I choose.

5. Phone sex? Sextxting? Hookup apps?

None at all, well, Keyron and I do a little bit of sexting.

6. Has your smart phone replaced your camera?

Yes it has. If you look at my Facebook and Flickr page almost all my photos are now mobile uploads. And it hasn’t just replaced my camera but it’s getting to the point where it’s replacing the laptop. I find it amusing that I can hold something in my hand that has more computing power than my first few computers combined.

It’s 3 am. Who do you call?

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