A New Android App I love

It’s called Echolink. If you didn’t know I hold not only my Amateur Extra class license, but also my Commercial Radiotelephone license.

There are two ways to link amateur radio repeaters together on the net, one is IRLP (Internet Repeater Linking Protocol) and Echolink.

Echolink connect screen
Echolink connect screen

Echolink search
Echolink search

If you have your FCC issued license – go ahead and download it and check it out:

Just scan to get Echolink

It is available for IOS and Android devices. Requires Wifi, and a minimum of 3G cell service.

In RI there are a few repeater networks that are on Echolink. But not just that – it’s repeaters on EVERY band and all over the world. So for instance I can talk to a friend out in the Seattle area just by tapping the 7 zone in the search and then selecting a repeater near him. It’s pretty damned cool.

But not all repeaters in the area are on Echolink yet. So I still need to have my Yaesu VX-7RB. It’s a rugged MIL-STD and submersible quad band radio. It coves the 6m, 2m, 1.75m, and 70cm bands plus has a general coverage receiver.

VX-7R underwater
VX-7R underwater

I chose the one in black:

VX-7RB Black
VX-7RB Black

And I suppose I’ll keep it around since while it’s nice to be able to hit my favorite repeaters on my phone, that requires either WiFi or digital phone service. And in the SHTF scenarios, digital phone services go belly up mighty fast.

2 thoughts on “A New Android App I love

  1. I was huge into CB in my youth… Never crossed into HAM… At the time you had to learn Morse Code… I knew the basic alphabet at one time, but was never interested enough in learning to really use it to communicate… These days, I find the Internet is a lot like the old Citizen’s Band… I do.

    1. And today there is no longer a code requirement at all. Which irks me somewhat because I had to do the 20WPM code for my Extra. But then, I went from no-code Tech to Extra in exactly one year. So I was kind of serious about hitting the high mark.

      And yes, the net is much like CB. But CB is still around, so too FRS and GMRS which of course I freebanded my radio so I can use those too.

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