RI Division of Taxation responds, sort of

So in my mail today and dated October 6th (It is now the 12th, six days later) is a notice saying they snatched my $717 refund to apply against what I owe them.  They also say I have ten days to pay the remainder. Interestingly they also mention you can discharge tax liability in bankruptcy. I have no intention of doing so but it does leave open the actual possibility of legal action on MY part against the STATE. Isn’t this wonderful.

Now here’s something to note. First of all it’s OCTOBER. So I have to ask, what triggered the generation of this form letter?
Seems I had posted this about their offer to give me a break. Note the date on that post – the 1st of October. Now I know from my stats that an ip address belonging to the State of Rhode Island hit that post on the 2nd.

The fact that you have to publicly shame the state before they’ll act is astounding. Of course I’ve learned over time that publicly shaming corporations, governments, etc. on this blog and on Facebook tends to get done what I want done.

But give me a few years to build my empire and I’ll kiss this crooked little state goodbye. I plan to deliver a bon mot to the boys and girls over at the Division of Taxation – perhaps an aircraft circling the State House and Admin building with my ‘fuck you’ message.

But here’s thing – when my empire gets to that size I will have enough money to buy a few politicians. You can see where I’m going here.  Keyron says I’m turning into Romney – but I told him the difference is when I buy politicians it will be  so everyone benefits, not just the 1%!

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