Issues sync’ing Yaesu VX-7r with VX-7 Commander

So I was having hit or miss results synchronizing my repeater and frequency list with my Yaesu VX-7RB. (The B means black annodized case.)

So I mucked around and I recalled that I had some issues setting up a com port below 8. It was because Windows had allocated the first 8 com ports. Grrrr!

Thinking this may have something to do with it I also went into VX-7 Commander and changed the port setting for delay from 15 to 25. Now it synchronizes just fine.

This brings up another point – why do amateur radio handhelds still hold to the old fashioned keypad and fudged data connection? Surely the SDR inherent in these radios has USB capability or even FTDI. And the buttons – touch screens have become very reliable.

But then it hit me – no need. My phone has the features I mention above and it has the Echolink app installed on it. I do need to find an IRLP application though.

But as I said in another post – Echolink depends on the network connection being available. In any type of widespread emergencies wired and wireless networks go belly up. They weren’t designed for emergency communications for all. In fact on all telecom switches there is a think called Class of Service and Class of Access. (COS/COA). Higher COS means you get priority through the phone system. But almost all of us have a lower COS. High COS is usually reserved for government.

So I’ll keep the radio – just in case.

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