Some marvels we take for granted in the 21st Century

I went on and ordered a book on the Raspberry Pi – I did it because I got the ship notice and am expecting the unit this week.

But it struck me, in less than 1 minute it was delivered to my phone.

The lead to me marveling at the speed of 4G LTE, and the fact where before I had to go to a bookstore, and maybe they had the book there, or they had to order and I’d have to wait. Now it’s instantaneous.

And the other marvels on my phone – web, email, music, video, the list goes on and on. I can even talk to amateur radio repeaters around the world from my phone. Well not just repeaters but people.

And then I start to think what went into this phone. It was decades of research – by the likes of Bell Labs, and then other companies labs that improved the state of the art. But key inventions like the MASER, transistor, LED, and whole bunches of technology in the phone are easily traced to Bell Labs. I wonder what the future will bring though.

Well – battery technology is improving. Thin and lightweight batteries with high charge densities will mean flexible electronics. That will be interesting.

But smaller, lighter, faster seems to be the trending that’s going on now.

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