Pretty clear who won this debate

President Obama definitely brought he A game this time.

And Romoney – what an arrogant prick! So much so that I want the next round of debates to adopt the method used by the Ed Show on MSNBC – text A or B to 622639. But I want it to be a Bitch Slap scheme.

By that I mean – assign A to President Obama, B to Romney. Whoever gets the most Bitch Slap texts for each question – the moderator must get out of their chair, walk over to the winning party and bitch slap the hell out of them.

If the above were implemented I can see a seriously bruised Romney.

4 thoughts on “Pretty clear who won this debate

  1. Actually a great idea, but sadly, it won’t happen. After all, isn’t bitch slapping the POTUS a crime?

    I thought the debate dull. Much ado this AM on the talk shows about what the meaning of is is!

    Frankly, anyone who seeks the office should not be allowed to have it. We need to go to the mall, find a smart dude, and say, “Hey, Jack, you’re the new President. We’ll pick you UP on 1-19-13 and swear your ass in the next day. Here’s your one chance Fancy, don’t let me down!”



    1. I actually like your idea very much. I’ve pondered on that before – how do you identify someone who is smart though. You can’t do it just by looking at them.

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