This Weekends Doings

So we went with Friends to a Halloween party at Triangle Cafe in Danbury, CT. We stayed overnight at a local hotel.  The club is open to the entire LGBT community – and Saturday didn’t disappoint. There were over 150 transgender individuals at this gathering.

The club itself – the dance music is mostly house with 180BPM or higher. Sorry – not my cup of tea. And we were there from about 9PM to 2AM and I actually heard the same songs repeating a couple of times.
A number of interesting things were witnessed – I missed the best one.  Apparently one attendee was anally finger fucking their partner.  Got told about this in graphic detail.

My friend and I were playing pool. And at one point the game was my friend and someone dressed as the Wicked Witch, right down the green skin, and striped leggings. Pretty cool, but at near 7 feet tall – wow!

Me, I took the minimalist approach to getting dressed up for a Halloween party.

The horns
Now I had these little horns. But someone else had larger horns.

Just got home a little while ago – I have my Raspberry Pi all hooked up. But I do need to get a long Ethernet cable, and an HDMI cable as feeding it via the composite limits resolution sharply. Plus audio has to be run separately.

Or I can get a wifi adapter and a powered USB hub – matter of fact I might have one around here somewhere.

And I should shave – haven’t done so since Friday and I have a hell of a growth on my face. For me – growing a full beard takes a little less than a week.

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