TMI Thursday Again: Happy Halloween


First attributions: Via Patently Queer who got it from Just a Jeep Guy

Trick or Treat?
This one is difficult. I’m a trickster that’s for damned sure – and I love teaching people how the world around them works. Even if it comes to knocking drones out of the sky with high powered microwave bursts.

Do you hand out candy, make sure you’re not home or pretend to not be home?
I used to do so – until the foolishness of stranger danger raised it’s ugly head in my area and you had to SIGN up and have your house put on a ‘safe’ map. I guess they’re afraid of the sex offenders but I looked it up, there are two in about a 3/4 mile radius of me – one for rape, the other a pederast.  Out of hundred of households.

Now in the past one event makes me smile. I was cooking pork chops with sour cream and dill sauce. I had opened the door and one kid said “Something smells good!” He got a double handful. Other comments I got was that I gave out the good stuff. It’s a shame that we now have to be mapped out as safe.

What’s your favorite candy?
As a total sugar freak I have to say Milky Way’s.  I also enjoy Reese’s Peanut Butter cups – and give those out peanut allergies be damned!

How big of a holiday is Halloween for you?
Not very big at all. I realize what it is. As a kid I’d go out every Halloween – and as a teen we got a little mischievous. But I do not understand the adult compunction to dress up for Halloween. It makes zero sense to me. Where I formerly worked Halloween was a BIG deal. The unit I worked in however, we were all of the same mind – KISS – a cauldron with dry ice and a warm water bath on occasion got thick fog covering the place.
And none of us dressed up.

Sexy costume or scary?
I like to go for interesting – as in donning a small pair of horns this past Halloween or the week before at least.

The horns
Now I had these little horns. But someone else had larger horns.

Bonus Question

Ever have Halloween Sex while staying in costume/character?
The horns lend themselves to that very well. But they’re only held in with a little clip. Get a little wild and the horns pop off! So it’s hard to stay in costume – which brings to mind those people we refer to as Furries. That ranks up there in the very weird for me too.


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