A good night so far

Well well, it was a squeaker for the Presidency but President Obama has triumphed. Good, I didn’t want to see Romney/Ryan anywhere near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
And on the marriage equality topic, Maine, Maryland and Washington state all approved. Minnesota is still close but I suspect they will prevail. I’d love to hear what the bigots of NOM and the Catholic church have to say about that. Maybe concede that they’re becoming increasingly irrelevant in modern society?? I doubt it though, they’ll try to spin this in order to justify their existence.

And the question in Providence to re-pave a good portion of the city was approved. This means the street I live on is getting re-paved and it needs it desperately!

In RI casinos in both Lincoln and Newport were approved. This one is a no brainer – the state never had any intention of letting the Narragansett Indian tribe open and/or run a casino, but the state can both own and operate the casinos. It’s a shame in a sense, the Narragansetts had inept leadership to the point that the Bureau of Indian Affairs really stuck it to them.


2 thoughts on “A good night so far

  1. Apparently God, who supposedly wills and controls all things on earth, wanted Obama to be President. Doe this mean that the bishops and pastors who have opposed the will of God should resign?

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