Marriage Equality Advances

So congratulations to my brothers and sisters in Minnesota, Maine, Maryland and Washington! You’ve won back your rights to marry under the law or in the case of Minnesota beat back and amendment that would enshrine discrimination in Minnesota’s Constitution.
I think what happened is that people are finally starting to realize that the arguments put forth by the likes of NOM, the Catholic Bishops, et al are only so much bovine effluent.

And part of what moved those people to realize they were being sold a false bill is that both the President and Vice President of the United States came out last May to lend their support to the cause of marriage equality. That is true leadership right there.

I’m incredibly happy about the victories in those four states, Minnesota, Maine, Maryland and Washington. You all fought a hard battle but in the end you prevailed. And you’ve provided the tipping point.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the United States Supreme Court accepts both the Prop 8 appeal and the DOMA class. They don’t exist in a vacuum, they know that the wind of public opinion is starting to blow strongly in our favor. So they pretty much have to act.


2 thoughts on “Marriage Equality Advances

  1. Ohio enshrined discrimination in its constitution in 2004. Do you think voters can remove it in 2014 if given the opportunity?

    1. Yes I think it can be reversed in 2014. Of course they have to start working on that now.

      But recall – many states had constitutional bans on interracial marriage too. And they had to repeal them because the USSC said it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL. That’s kind of the beauty of each state having a constitution and then having a Federal constitution.

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