There are planets around distant stars

This shouldn’t be news to you. For the past few years a remarkable things has happened. Astronomy has gotten better at resolving things orbiting distant stars.

And now, a rocky body is orbiting a dwarf orange star called HD40307.  And it’s orbiting closely enough to have liquid water. Sort of like how here on earth, it’s kind of accepted that life began in the water and then gradually moved up onto the land, thought there is evidence that some land dwellers chose to return to the oceans aka whales.

I find this incredible, when I was a kid we barely knew about planets orbiting distant stars, but this one is only 42 light years away. And we now know there is a group of scientist playing with warp drive, one that could get us 12 light years in a single jump.  Now the interesting part, that jump would take fractions of a second. So 42 light years would be nothing.
The future is looking very bright indeed.



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