20 U.S. States seek to Secede

This is ridiculous but I predicted that the U.S. would cease to exist as all fifty states.

More than half are southern states. But I’m a little suprised by New York and then I remember the vast urban areas of NY are one thing, the upstate area is something else.

Here’s the RT story about  it:


Here’s my take – I’ll take Texas as an example.
Breaking away from the U.S. means no more postal service, no more military assets or military response in general, no more unemployment, no more adherence to the U.S. Constitution and it’s amendments. I think you get the general idea here. No federal courts. In Texas is means no more border patrols, no more federal subsidies etc.
Friend of mine thinks the rich in Texas will just try to crush the working class but I mentioned that people will still be able to leave the new Sovereign Texas.


7 thoughts on “20 U.S. States seek to Secede

  1. Texas would come under the control of the Mexican drug lords, who will strike a deal with the Texas rich to make lots of money. But the US will now be able to instigate tough gun control laws, making it more difficult for the Texas rich/drug lord alliance to secure arms. Except they will turn to non-US sources.

    I say OK, go, but first compensate the federal government for military land, land grant university land, Homestead Act land, federal highways, infrastructure paid for by federal govt, extra revenue from feds beyond taxes paid from Texas over the years. People in military from Texas would be flushed out as potential subversives and sent to Texas without pay.

  2. Obviously ridiculous and just a bunch of whiney babies who didn’t get their way. These are individual malcontents NOT the STATES that are petitioning. Maybe they should just pack their bags and leave- then we could get on with business. I don’t know where they’d go…maybe they’d enjoy the weather in Uganda.

    1. I’m thinking dig a large hole somewhere, with 200 foot tall walls at the top made of the slickest substance around. Then throw the ones who want to secede into that pit!

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