The Destruction of the Catholic Church

So it has just been announced that the Roman Catholic Church spent $2 Million to suppress marriage equality in Maine, Maryland and Washington.

So one has to ask, I realize that in the general scheme of things $2 Million won’t go far. But you could give 2,000 families $1,000 each for a simple way of distribution.

Instead they chose to try to deny our rights to marry.

In total the Church, and the cavalcade of bigots spent $11.3 million in total. Now that is significant coin!

But as to the subject of this post, the Destruction of the Catholic Church I’ll tell you when it started.

It started with Pope John XXIII and the Vatican II accords. Vatican II tried to liberalize the church, I still remember it’s effects throughout my primary and secondary education in Catholic schools. Priests and nuns could go plain clothes, the confession and communion rituals changed – no more booth for confession, and communion was placed in the hand and not on the tongue. But it also liberalized the teaching.

But it started going really wrong when Pope John-Paul II got in. He was an evangelical mutt, and he liked stacking the hierarchy with conservative Bishops and Cardinals.

So the church will now go head first into the abyss. Because they’re losing adherents. I see it in the decreased attendance at churches near me, and in the fact that the Vatican has been running serious deficits for quite a few years now.

It’s all going to end in the church doing one or more things to to shore up failing coffers. Either they’re going to crank up the indulgence machine, or start selling bishop and cardinal seats to high bidder, or both!

If I had the cash I could dig a Cardinal position. It’d be fun since I know it’s all based on so much woo and not much else. I’d even get myself elected pope at some point. And when that happened all the artwork the Vatican holds is auctioned off and the seat of power moves to NYC.

6 thoughts on “The Destruction of the Catholic Church

  1. End times for the Catholic Church due to lack of priests and refusal to change on priesthood. last year the Nerw York Archdiocese ordained only one person, a Canadian citizen.

    So don’t encourage the idea of married and/or women priests. Thet will enable the church to survive as a backwards political force. Any new priests will still have to take orders form the Boss Lord (pope) and the vice-boss lords (the bishops).

    By the way the Vastican already sells titles of nobility and papal knighthoods.

  2. Whenever I hear of the Church spending money to influence secular politics I have two nearly simultaneous thoughts; “as a non-profit I am pretty sure that is illegal”…. and….”how much could they reduce the cost of parochial education if they spent that money in their own schools?”

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