This weekend: Triangles Cafe in Danbury, CT

So I got to go to Triangles Cafe in Danbury, CT with friends this weekend.

I noticed it wasn’t as frenetic as the last time we went which was Halloween.

One thing I did note – we got there earlier this time. Much nicer.

However I need to rant. Danbury, CT is 68 miles from NYC. Yet the whole town seems to roll up it’s roadways after 10PM. Super Stop & Shop, Super Wally-World, etc. Around here the Super anythings are open 24/7. But in Danbury the only thing open late is McDonalds.

Kind of surprising.

What was not surprising was the crowd. Some of those transgender M2F women looked pretty hard. And I might add, when you’re over six feet tall heels are purely a gilding of the lily.

And then I believe I’ve said it before about clothing choice. Those transgender folks seem to pattern the way they dress on their mom.

They need some help. I can refer them to someone who’ll make them look like a million bucks, but it’s going to cost them some hard cash.

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