Cox email servers still down

This is unacceptable.  I do note that Cox proxies your web connection because I keep getting the little pop-in in my browser telling me that they’re down.

That’s nice and all but fix your fucking mail servers. I tried to telnet to and used the POP3 commands  – I cannot get past sending the password to the server.

I do know that Cox uses InterMail – a product I have had exposure to and hated from the outset. When it comes to mail servers, you cannot beat Qmail Toaster. Its really simple to set up, scale, and the mailboxes are just text files so it’s easy to snip out offending crap using a text editor.

At this point I have to wonder why Cox even provides email service anymore. Most of my email now comes via Gmail anyhow. But I still have my Cox accounts checking and it’s annoying as hell to have Thunderbird keep complaining that it can’t connect.

That this happened on a weekend is telling though. They probably did a software patch and blew up their mail servers. And on the weekend there’s nobody there.

Let’s hope they get it fixed tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Cox email servers still down

  1. My main email is from Verizon Fios. I once had Cox and had endless problems and little useful help from tech support (for which I was sometimes billed). Verizon tech help is very competent and pleasant. Even though I usually solve the problem by mys;lf, I sometimes need help.

    1. I don’t know – I never used Cox’s webmail product preferring to use the mail client of my choice, Thunderbird.

      Now Thunderbird in it’s latest incarnation, v17, has it’s problems too. I also employ PopFile for my spam filtering.

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