Autonomous Vehicles: Why do we keep playing the game

By game, I mean the fact that elements of autonomous vehicles are filtering into production vehicles right now. From parking assist to lane follow, collision avoidance, etc.

I know I’ve written about this before. But I’ve been watching a Misfits marathon on Hulu and the Ford commercials show off all sorts of nifty little adaptations from the full pallet of autonomous elements.

Then I’ve heard the asinine statements of Cadillac’s chief designer saying how Cadillac is pursuing all sorts of features, but that they want to leave control in the hands of the driver.

It’s ludicrous – more autonomous cars on the road would mean:

1) Fewer car accidents if not an absolute elimination of them as we reach 100% penetration of autonomous vehicles

2) Driving while impaired becomes a non-issue since the car itself cant’ get drunk.

3) Higher highway speeds since you can maintain closer follow distances under automated control than a human could ever possibly hope to achieve.

4) Other features of a fully autonomous vehicle. You could whistle up your car to come and get you. This would be useful in mall parking lots, etc.

5) Here’s a far fetched one but you could send the car out on errands. I can see whole new industries springing up around dry cleaning, take out food, etc.

It just makes sense to go whole hog. I know I’ve seen photos of laser scanners etc. integrated into vehicles. So why not just jump right in?

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