Happy New Year 2013

Here we are, in the year 2013. Hope all is well with you.

The Mayan prophesy was only so much hooey, Harold Camping was wrong twice the space of a year. I’m pretty sure we’ll hear from another End of the World idiot sooner than later in 2013 though.

I suppose one of them might be right someday – I mean even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Yes, I’m speaking of the old analog clocks where it had a little hand a big hand. Does not apply to digital clocks, watches, phones, etc.

Hopefully in 2013 Rhode Island will see marriage equality instead of the craptastic civil unions law we currently have. The way I see it is that RI now has a minimum of three classes of gay people. That is untenable in a court of law. So the legislature can act, or play the part of the pussy and try for a referendum, or simply do nothing as they’ve done in the past. Having witnessed the hearings and other actions in the marriage equality camp, I can say I’d be pleasantly surprised if House Speaker Gordon Fox manages to pull it off this year. I mean, RI is now the ONLY  New England state that doesn’t have marriage equality.

But now  we’re firmly entrenched in the second decade of the 21st century.

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