Avis/Budget buys Zipcar

I don’t think this is going to bode well for the concept of the Zipcar. I think Avis/Budget saw the erosion of their rental income and decided that buying hourly rental firm Zipcar would allow them to enter that market.

But knowing big business like I know big business they’re going to screw it up. Either the rates will increase to the tens of dollars per hour range, the number of locations where you can find a vehicle will contract, and in essence we’ll be stuck paying exorbitant rental rates.

The only thing driving this acquisition is greed, pure and simple. And greed is NEVER good for the consumer.

One thought on “Avis/Budget buys Zipcar

  1. Zipcars already cost $10-14 per hour in D.C. Hertz has a competing hourly service here, but it’s not competitive: higher rates, fewer locations. So I suspect you’re right: Avis will reduce competition, not increase it.

    What you really need to increase competition is car2go, which offers unreserved one-way rentals from any legal parking spot to any other legal parking spot within the service area.

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