The NOM Bigot Cavalcade is in France

Now I heard earlier that they’d be there. And I’m letting you know, I hate posting links to their site but you really need to see this.

On another site I saw that they had 900 buses and 5 trains. So being mathematically inclined I did a few basic calculations:

A bus holds 54 people.

A train perhaps 200 people.

So we know they had 5 trains times 200 people or 1,000 people.

Buses 54 times 900 is 48,600. So in total 49,600 people.

Now the population of Paris is 2,200,000 people. 49,600 divided by 2,200,000 is .02 or 2% of the population of Paris. That they had to drag them in via bus and train is the standard NOM operating procedure. I’ve seen them do it here in Rhode Island – they bus them in from MA, CT, etc. But actual opposition is pretty low locally.

The bigots have to go further and further to drag in their supporters. Now I know the rate for a bus to go 400 miles from Providence to Washington D.C. cost us $3,510. So let’s drop that to $2,000 times 900 = $1,800,000!

Where is all that cash coming from, one wonders.

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