Someone gets a jury duty summons

A few weeks ago Keyron got a pre-selection questionnaire from the federal judiciary for jury service.

And what shows up in the mail today, his summons for Federal Jury Duty. It’s for District court and I’m not aware of any exciting cases going on there right now. Mostly dry paint type of things.

I told him if he wants to get out of it if they start the empaneling process all he has to say during voire dire is either:

  • All cops are corrupt scumbags.
  • My lover worked in state law enforcement.

Both of those would be an automatic toss off the jury.The first because it would piss off the prosecutors, the second because it would piss off the defense.

And I was reading the rules – no cell phones, pda’s etc. I got three words for the judiciary, kiss my ass.  I doubt I’ll ever get called, because as I mentioned I did work in state law enforcement and know lots of the cops, prosecutors, etc. many of whom went on to become federal prosecutors.


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