TMI Thursday Again: What Makes you feel better when…

First attributions: Via Patently Queer who got it from Just a Jeep Guy


…you are sick with the flu?

Thinking back I don’t think I’ve ever had the flu, had other shit though like Bell’s Palsy, and Impetigo but the only really bad one I can remember was back in the 1980’s. I had this wicked something that migrated into my chest. Couldn’t breathe for shit. And of course I saw a doctor and they sent me home with antibiotics and steroids. The steroids probably helped, they’re an anti-inflammatory so it helped get the crap out of my lungs. But the anti-biotic was overkill.  When I’m that sick just brew some hot tea, under a ton of blankets and lots of sleep, that does the trick to make me feel better.

…you are in a bad mood?
I don’t generally get in a bad mood. In fact the only real bad moods I get into is when I work for idiots.

…you are alone?
Oh I can entertain myself. It’s this thing called a series of tubes – you know, the Internet.

…you are sad?
I don’t really get sad. Granted, when someone I love dies sure. But I’m in that period of life where all the ones that were going to die did, and it’ll be a few years before the next wave and then likely my turn!

…you are mad?
My initial reaction might be that I’m mad but then I think about it and really, it’s something so silly that it’s not worth being mad about it.

…you are frustrated?
Keyron bears the brunt of it when I’m frustrated.

…you are angry?
I’m better with anger now than when I was younger. In my younger days I’d be more likely to haul off and beat you. Now I just yell at you.

Bonus Question

…you are horny?
The sex act itself. Oh sure the orgasm is lots of fun and if it’s particularly hot get the towels out because it’s gonna be very wet.

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