Amateur Radio: 20m has been a cesspool for at least 20 years

So I got the latest issue of the ARRL’s QST magazine. And as usual I read through the letters if for no other reason they provide blog fodder on occasion.

So Dom Theodore, K8HHL wrote in that he tried to show his ten year old son 20m or 14.313MHz. What they heard was a stream of vulgarities. I recall when I was first licensed in 1993 tuning around 20m and hearing some absolute horrid stuff.

The FCC really doesn’t get involved anymore. The Official Observer program is supposed to handle that. (I’ve once gotten an OO notice, but here’s the kicker, it wasn’t me. Someone was using my call at the time.)

The OO’s are the ones who are supposed to kick it up to the FCC. But I think the OO’s have gotten disheartened over the cesspool that the 20 meter band has become.

Right now I’m sans HF rig because I refuse to put up antennas on a place I don’t own. Once I start buying property though, get ready. I’ll be popping towers up! PRB-1 here I come!

Plus I’ll have a lot of time on my hands. So I could do OO duties in about five years.

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