How the U.S. gets screwed on Broadband

Watch Susan Crawford explain why we pay so much for low bandwidth. We need to change this. I urge everyone who reads this to share it not only with your state and city people, but your federal legislators too. We need to start re-regulating the wireless and cable industries.

The main issue is we overpay for low quality service. As an example, I once spoke with someone from France and was old that they pay $40 for phone, tv and net service and the net service is pretty fast too.

Meanwhile I pay $150 for just tv and net service. $90 for the tv, $60 for the net service.

She also explains how we’re getting gouged because they pay out to shareholders and there isn’t any regulation in place anymore.

But I’m doing my part. Thus far I’ve contacted Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Sen. Jack Reed, Rep. Jim Langevin and the FCC on the federal side. On the more local side I sent it to my city councilor Bryan Principe, to my state Rep. John J. Lombardi and to my state Sen. Paul V. Jabour as well as Speaker Gordon Fox and Senate President Paiva-Weed.

The other part I’m playing is working to implement a ward wide free WiFi MESH network in the 13th ward of the city of Providence.  This has also garnered interest in other wards too. Providence could well, within a couple years be another city with an alternative to paid broadband service.


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