Month: January 2013

RI House Passes Marriage Equality 51-19!

For you numerically inclined, 72% voted for the H-5015-A the Marriage Equality bill.

27% percent voted against and we can be sure Rep. Trillo, Rep. Corvese, McLaughlin et al were that 19 people.

Now on to the senate. But here’s the thing, this passed with more than a mandate. Senate President Paiva-Weed needs to let this vote.

The list of those who voted for, against and those who abstained can be found here.





RI House Judiciary Unanimously Passes Marriage Equality Bill

This is interesting. Kudos to Speaker Fox for finally growing a pair. It took you a long time Gordon but nice to see the stars aligning.

Now I know there is one Tea Bagger on the committee – one Rep. Doreen Costa. But even she voted for it. That is remarkable. And a big thank you to Chair Edith Ajello. She’s long been in our camp but just came to the chair a couple years back.

Now on to a house vote. The bill has 42 co-sponsors of the 75 member body. That’s a full 56% of the body and I suspect the passage in the house will go even higher. Now it’s up to Senate President M. Terese Pavia-Weed to let it vote in the committee and schedule it for a senate vote.

An Historic Time

I was rather surprised to hear President Obama say “…from Seneca to Selma to Stonewall…”

He will be noted in the history books twice, first for being the first African-American President, but for being the first President who supported full equality for the LGBT community.

Really quite remarkable when you think about. And 2012 will go into the books as the first time the Democratic party added marriage equality to their platform.

I never thought I’ be alive for a time when we LGBT people got the full measure of rights because of true leaders. And believe me, President Obama is a true leader.


Amateur Radio: 20m has been a cesspool for at least 20 years

So I got the latest issue of the ARRL’s QST magazine. And as usual I read through the letters if for no other reason they provide blog fodder on occasion.

So Dom Theodore, K8HHL wrote in that he tried to show his ten year old son 20m or 14.313MHz. What they heard was a stream of vulgarities. I recall when I was first licensed in 1993 tuning around 20m and hearing some absolute horrid stuff.

The FCC really doesn’t get involved anymore. The Official Observer program is supposed to handle that. (I’ve once gotten an OO notice, but here’s the kicker, it wasn’t me. Someone was using my call at the time.)

The OO’s are the ones who are supposed to kick it up to the FCC. But I think the OO’s have gotten disheartened over the cesspool that the 20 meter band has become.

Right now I’m sans HF rig because I refuse to put up antennas on a place I don’t own. Once I start buying property though, get ready. I’ll be popping towers up! PRB-1 here I come!

Plus I’ll have a lot of time on my hands. So I could do OO duties in about five years.

A better option instead of banning guns

I’ve posted earlier a three point set of hard rules for all gun purchases. To recap:

1) Liability insurance. I note this is getting some play in the media now.

2) Psychological evaluation before gun purchase.

3) Proof of the purchase of an appropriate gun safe.

I’d like to elaborate on the 2nd point I made.

The more I read about the tragedies that have befallen Newtown, CT and other regions of the country I don’t think we need to ban any guns per se. And I think it’s a moot point anyhow. Almost all of us have an inkjet or laser printer in the house now. Well, some hackers are putting together 3D printers. Instead of the flat x-y prints we get, there will be instead x-y-z. And the types of plastics and even now metals are able to be deposited a line at a time until the 3D render is built up. So tell me, how do you ban something that can be printed in the comfort of your own home?

Anyhow, back to the elaboration on point number 2.

Almost every school in the U.S. now has a school psychologist on staff. And teachers are also trained to spot troubling behavior. So the schools know EXACTLY what kids are most at risk to become potential mass murderers. Isn’t that interesting.

The problem is, while the kids are in the school systems they can and do move to get treatment for the kids, be it behavioral therapy or chemical therapy.

But get this, once that kid leaves school? They’re on their own for mental health care.

Now you have to understand it wasn’t always like this. If you’re as fossilized as I am you recall that Ronald Wilson Reagan, yes he was a President in the 1980’s. He and the Republicans of the day managed to undo all the progress made in caring for the mentally ill, and pushed all those sick people out into the community, into group homes, etc. I know, we have one down the street from me. The police and fire trucks are there CONSTANTLY.

But there just isn’t enough to care for all the mentally ill out there. In fact I’d bet if you evaluated our prison populations you’d probably find that a good percentage have some issues that were known prior to incarceration, when they were in schools the teachers knew, so did the shrinks. But once they were out of that school system, all bets were off.

It’s time we start investing in mental health again. Some may be productive members of society with behavioral regimens, and/or drug regimens. Some will need to b institutionalized because the success rate isn’t yet 100% using the behavior modification and drug regimens.

We have to understand that humans, you and me, we’re a genetic crap shoot. And every once in a while random mutation throws a curve ball.

Medicine is catching up – with MRI and fMRI scans we’re identifying what can go wrong with the human brain and why it happens. And they’re always developing new treatments. But we’ll still need the institutions, and we still need to take care of ALL of us.

So let me know, does this make more sense than the hysteria over the assault weapon ban?

TMI Thursday Again: What Makes you feel better when…

First attributions: Via Patently Queer who got it from Just a Jeep Guy


…you are sick with the flu?

Thinking back I don’t think I’ve ever had the flu, had other shit though like Bell’s Palsy, and Impetigo but the only really bad one I can remember was back in the 1980’s. I had this wicked something that migrated into my chest. Couldn’t breathe for shit. And of course I saw a doctor and they sent me home with antibiotics and steroids. The steroids probably helped, they’re an anti-inflammatory so it helped get the crap out of my lungs. But the anti-biotic was overkill.  When I’m that sick just brew some hot tea, under a ton of blankets and lots of sleep, that does the trick to make me feel better.

…you are in a bad mood?
I don’t generally get in a bad mood. In fact the only real bad moods I get into is when I work for idiots.

…you are alone?
Oh I can entertain myself. It’s this thing called a series of tubes – you know, the Internet.

…you are sad?
I don’t really get sad. Granted, when someone I love dies sure. But I’m in that period of life where all the ones that were going to die did, and it’ll be a few years before the next wave and then likely my turn!

…you are mad?
My initial reaction might be that I’m mad but then I think about it and really, it’s something so silly that it’s not worth being mad about it.

…you are frustrated?
Keyron bears the brunt of it when I’m frustrated.

…you are angry?
I’m better with anger now than when I was younger. In my younger days I’d be more likely to haul off and beat you. Now I just yell at you.

Bonus Question

…you are horny?
The sex act itself. Oh sure the orgasm is lots of fun and if it’s particularly hot get the towels out because it’s gonna be very wet.

The Church in RI tries a new tactic

The Roman Catholic Church opposes the legislation on religious grounds — and more practical ones. The Rev. Bernard Healey told lawmakers that the Providence Diocese is concerned Catholic schools and charitable organizations could be forced to change their employee benefit policies if compelled to recognize the same-sex spouses of employees.

“We are here to defend and support the longstanding definition of marriage… as the exclusive and lasting relationship of a man and a woman,” Healey said. “Using the law to alter or redefine marriage is an injustice to those who have embraced this way of life.”


Now first off, I’ve seen Healey. He’s a rotund fellow. Secondly – it is not an injustice to expect you to cover the same sex partner. An injustice is a red hot poker up your ass Healey. Know the fucking difference.